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Open Air Museum TallinnIf you have ever dreamt to visit and explore the Baltic states, their wonderful landscapes, beautiful cities and gorgeous nature, you probably looked for a good tour operator in the Baltics to support you in planning the trip. If you didn’t, you should reflect very carefully on it: visiting this area is absolutely affordable for any kind of traveler and doing it under the guidance of an incoming tour operator well established and specialised in these countries can definitely enhance your travel experience.

Whether you love travelling on your own or not, asking information to a tour operator in the Baltics could completely revolutionize the idea you had about your visit to the Baltic area. Not only guided tours around Riga
, Vilnius and Tallinn, which of course are well organized and offered as a great opportunity of exploring Estonia and the other Baltics, their history and legends, but also unexpected tours such as visa-free cruises for individual travellers, who don’t need to worry about anything but just having fun: the incoming tour operator will take care of the hotels, transfers and tickets, allowing the “do-it-yourself” traveller to spend an astonishing tour of the Baltics on his own and without any inconvenience. Furthermore, you can always bring your needs and expectations to the tour operator in the Baltics chosen for your trip, and they’ll do any possible (and impossible) effort to meet your wishes. Flexibility is the key word: you can really have a tailor-made tour in the Baltics, expecially studied for you.

Old Town TallinnAn incoming tour operator in the Baltics has many suggestions that you should need for your travel, to turn it into an unforgettable experience: exploring sand dunes, walking through national parks, enjoying festivals, driving on the frozen sea heading to an island, strolling on a meteorite crater. This is just a short list of the hundreds of opportunities that only an incoming tour operator could know about the Baltics, complete with a lot of practical details, for instance: ferry boat timetables, fashionable restaurants and pubs, typical markets, museums’ opening hours and special exhibitions, concerts and theatre tickets information, first aid structures, best handicraft shops.

Even if what you are looking for is a traditional tour of the main cities and cultural attractions in the Baltics, a tour operator is the best solution for you: well tested tours with experienced tour guides will take you by the hand from your departure until your comeback, leading you through the best of the best and giving you all the serenity you desire, when you dream about a tour in the Baltics exploring the beauties of Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius.

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